Thinking Of Becoming Your Own Boss?

Passionate About Martial Arts & Fitness?


Turning Passion Into Career’s 

If you have trained in any martial art or fitness program especially for an extended period, or know someone who has, then you know its had a positive effect on your life if not changed it profoundly. You then know how powerful and important this can be for other people, imagine doing that as a career, part or full time working for yourself and changing lives, really making a difference.

Our purpose is to help you turn that passion into your career.

Your Success Is Our Success

Franchise ownership can be seen as a challenge. Everything we do here at Function First has been tried, tested and proven to work over the last several years. From humble beginnings to full time academies we have proven strategies and systems that take the stress and frustration out of what can seem like a minefield of confusion and red tape when taking on a franchise.

Were not looking for anyone and everyone, were looking for the right people to represent the brand and to foster long term business relationships, people who want to move towards their full potential.



Be Sure To Investigate A Little

We recommend viewing our other academies websites and Facebook communities to get a real feel of what were about. You can call into our schools and actually see whats going on, and get a feel for the culture.

We’d love it if you went undercover, booked a lesson or two and really checked us out, speak to our students and coaches and see what you think.  Read our reviews on Google and Facebook and see what others are saying.

A little bit of homework and looking around will give you a great idea of what were about and see if our views align.

‘On the mats as off the mats’ is our philosophy, this means we are open and transparent about all we do, our business model and class management are all based upon an ethic where ‘we all win’.

So have had a good look around the site and get in touch if you have any questions.

“Lesson – When Warriors say they will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing will stop them completing what they say they will do. They do not have to ‘give their word’, they do not have to ‘promise’

Speaking and doing are the same action.”


Get The Most From This Website

  • All the information on this site is to help you decide if it’s the right thing for you
  • If you already feel this is for you, give us a call
  • For further information use the contact form